Need pest control for cockroaches, ants, or fleas, or other nasties. We specialise in home and business/commercial pest control. Gopher has you covered for the cheapest, cost effective, pest control.


Safe for Little Ones

Are you worried that our treatments may affect your children or pets, then worry no more? We use chemicals that have been tested to be safe for domestic and commercial environments. We know how to apply the chemicals to keep them out of the reach of little hands. Our training covers all areas of personal safety. Our application will get rid of the roaches, rats, lice, and mice, but will keep you safe.

Fast acting, and Long Lived

We use a range of treatments, some aimed at instantly killing the nasties, complimented by treatments that end the breeding life cycle. Using surface sprays may not be enough, there may be eggs in the house, and it is possible the new hatchlings will have resistance to simple sprays. So a range of treatments needs to be applied. Our chemicals can end the breading life cycle, making hatchlings less likely to procreate.

Seen a Roach? There will be others.

Cockroaches are shy creatures and don’t like to venture out into the light. If you see one during the day it may be an indication that there is an overcrowding problem in the dark crevices where they hide. Don’t let one roach turn into hundreds, get on top of the pest problem before it takes control. The larger the infestation the harder it is to end, so knock it on the head now, call us now to arrange a free quotation.

Customers running away due to cockroaches? Council breathing down your neck. Get a cocky treatment that works. With Aussie Gopher pest control you will get a treatment that lasts.